Belper  Celebration

 “What`s on in Belper”

Belper  Celebration

 “What`s on in Belper”


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Belper River Gardens with the Strutt Mill and the river Derwent on the right.

Given to Belper by the Strutt Family

The Entrance to the North Mill Visitor Centre.

Which is on the A 517 Ashbourne Road, North out of Belper.

Just before the river bridge

The Old Tea House which is at the north end of the picturesque

Belper River Gardens

Waiting for new one to be built

The Band Stand which is in the middle of Belper River Gardens

This photo was taken by the band stand in Belper River Gardens and is off a Town Criers Competition in 2001 were 21 criers came together

Belper Weir

This picture taken from the bridge over the River Derwent in July 2015

Belper Nail Shop in

Joseph Street, Belper.

Part of the Clusters

And Belper`s Heritage

Old Belper Nails

These are seen when you

look through the window

This sculpture was commissioned by Belper Town Council to celebrate the millennium and enhance a new traffic island on the busy A6. The sculpture is 5 metres in height and the plinth depicts features of the area's industrial history.

The "Flying Geese" theme was inspired by the bird life on the River Derwent that flows through the town and has shaped its past.

The New Tea House which replaced the old one in 2023 at north end of the picturesque

Belper River Gardens

Belper Market Place with shops around the outside

There is a Farmers Market held on the second Saturday of each month.

Photo of a mural painted on the end of a house on Chapel Street, Belper. In 2023

Can  be seen on your right as you travel into Belper from Morrisons island across from Debradly Mill